How Maximpact Benefits You

Maximpact is a resource for the entire impact and sustainable investing sector. Its features have been designed to make it easier for users to make impact deals, share information and form alliances. It has many benefits.

  • Listing impact and sustainable deals easy and free
  • All users are vetted
  • Password-protected environment
  • List impact deals at any stage of development
  • List deals of any size, in any sector
  • List in several countries at once
  • Save time and money on research
  • Use global research tool to scan the sector
  • Find like-minded impact investing funding partners
  • Identify regional and sectoral impact investment opportunities
  • Spot opportunities for collaborative funding
  • Transparency reduces duplication
  • Select only impact deals that interest you
  • Increase impact and sustainable deal flow and expand networking possibilities
  • Co-invest, collaborate, brand and co-brand
  • 3-portal hierarchy filters deals and improves quality
  • Identify opportunities for deal replication and up-scaling
  • Locate relevant research, expertise and technology
  • Create a personal portal for managing your impact deals
  • Receive automated deal alerts and deal update reminders