How it works

Mission Statement

Maximpact’s mission is threefold:

1. To create a more sustainable future by accelerating the rate at which we do good for our planet and its inhabitants.

2. To support the growth of impact investing by providing a place for entrepreneurs, intermediaries and funders of all kinds to list impact deals and ventures regardless of size, sector, location or type.

3. To foster a better future through sharing, collaboration and co-investment in the impact investment sector.


At the time of registration, users will be asked to identify themselves with a sector group (impact, philanthropy, CSR or eco & green) then select a user group (entrepreneur, intermediary or fund). Different types of users have different rights and levels of access to the Maximpact impact investing platform. See Access Levels Explained for details.



Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs and companies
Intermediaries: Angel investors, social enterprise accelerators, incubators, venture capital groups, social venture networks and others.
Funds: Investment funds, family offices, foundations, organizations, NGOs, companies, asset managers and others.

Every registrant is vetted by Maximpact and best efforts are made to certify and qualify each applicant before access is permitted.

Password access enables registered users to list and search for deals and ventures according to their access rights.

When a deal or venture is listed, the listing party has an opportunity to identify the kind of funders they wish to attract (impact, philanthropy, CSR and/or eco & green). This allows users to filter and find like-minded funding matches more easily. However, it does’nt exclude impact deals from being searched by other types of funders that were not selected.

The hope of Maximpact impact investing platform is that all users will at some point reach out beyond their group and seek collaborative opportunities with others to create the biggest impact for us all.


Maximpact has three different levels of access, one for each user group: Funds, intermediaries and entrepreneurs. This arrangement provides a triple-filtration system that allows all users, regardless of access level, to find the best deals and connect with qualified funders. All access levels are password-protected. Site users can access only one level at a time.


1. Entrepreneurs have access to the entrepreneurs listing level. This level is for early-stage ventures, deals and existing companies. Users granted access to this level can list deals and view deals by other entrepreneurs.

2. Intermediaries have access to both the entrepreneurs and intermediaries levels. This level is for mid-stage deals where due diligence has normally been completed. Users granted access to the Intermediaries level can list and view deals in either level.

3. Funders have access to all three levels: Entrepreneurs, intermediaries and funders. The funders level is for late-stage deals that have been vetted and received co-investment by funders. Users granted access to the Funders level can list and view deals in all three levels. Funds can also use this level to list their funds and seek capital from other funders including funds of funds.