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Description WhalePower fans do not use a new design – they use a new kind of airfoil which is more energy efficient and much quieter. Our big HVLS fans, (8 to 24 feet in diameter) are already recognized as the best High-Volume-Low-Speed ceiling fans available anywhere in the world. The big fans are manufactured and marketed world-wide by our licensee, Envira-North Systems and until now every product we’ve designed has been aimed at a licensee. Now we’d like to move WhalePower to the next level. Instead of just designing fans and turbine elements we want to move into manufacturing and sales. We intend to start by developing a scaled down version of the HVLS fans for homes and offices which will be 60 inches in diameter. The ceiling fan market is due for an upgrade that delivers a better, smoother and quieter airflow. The exceptional performance of WhalePower blades is ideal for a product that can save operational energy consumption while reducing heating and cooling costs significantly by de-stratifying and mixing the different layers of air in rooms.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Eco Green
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