Myanmar based Venture

Deals D000716
Description We are proactive in identifying entrepreneurs– to-be, and help them get off the ground, establish start up, arrange tailor-made loans, livestock loans, seed loans to invest in individuals, companies, leaders, farmers and ideas that are changing Myanmar and tackle poverty. We will provide the poor with access to financial tools. We will teach farmers how to increase production sustainably. We will help women make informed family-planning decisions. We hold their hands and walk until they are able to stand on their own. In another word, we teach them and help them gain the much needed financial and management literacy by a very simple curriculum for free. We help them connect the right buyers, creating value chain, entrepreneurs group and assess the productivity and quality so that ‘they’ would become competitive in the market. Company is a Force to Shift from Subsistence agriculture to Export-led growth and Industries. Other than tailor made and innovative loans (cash) for SMEs
Country Of origin Myanmar
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Field due diligence