Kenya based Venture

Deals D000472
Description Turasha village in Kipipili division within Nyandarua County, Kenya, has many people suffering from poverty, in which conditions are usually extremely poor. These people are deprived of good housing, access to clean water, hygienic systems of sanitation and waste disposal, and they live in polluted and degraded environments not suited to human habitation. The community in the village defecates close to river Turasha while others go outside, behind the vegetation for privacy. Children go all over the place since there are no latrines. Furthermore, there are problems arising from accumulated waste, which, additionally, attract fries, rodents and dogs. Much of the mess in and around the community is washed into the river. Each year some people die from diseases spread by water especially children. Others get diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, worms, cholera, typhoid and bilharzias due to polluted water. The main target is to educate the community on improving hygienic behavior, keeping the compound clean of faecal material and waste; providing or restoring toilets and keeping them clean; providing convenient washing facilities and encouraging their use and providing safe drinking water through protecting and cleaning river Turasha.
Country Of origin Kenya
Funding Sector Philanthropy
Colloboration Type