United States based Venture

Deals D000180
Description Top Down, a global media network, connects bottoms up to grassroots community building. Infrastructure is critical to the WeALL Media vision. One counteracting production here or there is not enough. If we want people to work together for the common good, we need a media infrastructure that promotes that value, a place to go to confront our biases and help bind our common interests. The WeALL MEDIA infrastructure links life skills productions on weallmedia.com and solution-seeking social networking on weallrate.com to grassroots community building. weallmedia.com/ weallrate.com, WeALL AB SEES, WeALL SPIRIT, WeALL EDUCATION, WeALL HEALTH, WeALL WEALTH, WeALL COMMUNITY, WeALL NEWS, WeALL MEDIA CENTERS, WeALL WE FAMILY/FEATURE FILMS and the IT TAKES VISION FOUNDATION are pillars in the WeALL Media infrastructure. They work together, reinforcing the WeALL Media big vision for the common good.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Other, Lead investor / manager, Field due diligence, Research, Strategic partnerships, Additional countries