Kenya based Venture

Deals D000444
Description This project on “Community Water supply for Human and Livestock Use” is meant to provide clean and safe drinking water for domestic consumption and livestock use in “Wiyumiririe” community within Laikipia County in Rift Valley Province, Kenya. “Wiyumiririe” like some parts of Laikipia County is a semi-arid area with very poor people, harsh climate and serious water problems. “Wiyumiririe” location has also serious problem of water shortage. Usually water has to be carried along way by women and young girls. Presently, the community in the project area gets water from seasonal rivers that supply water during the rainy seasons. After the rains these rivers dry up and leave pockets of water from which the community obtains its water. In the prolonged dry spells, these holes also dry up and women have to travel long distances to get water Many women in the project area carry water from seasonal streams and rivers that are often polluted. Every year Cholera, typhoid, dysentery and bilharzias kill most people from the community including children due to these water borne diseases. Considering these water problems the community in the project area has proposed borehole water as the best water source. If the borehole is drilled it will solve their problems by providing clean water to about 12,000 human population, livestock, educational institutions and for business purpose.
Country Of origin Kenya
Funding Sector Philanthropy
Colloboration Type Desk due diligence