Malaysia based Venture

Deals D000296
Description This franchise business aims to provide sustainable, bottled, safe drinking water to remote communities on tropical islands. Fresh water is the most scare resource but even most critical element of inhabiting these islands. Often no sewage management exists in the community and the aquifer can be polluted Thousand of small, inhabited island in SE Asia and the Pacific Island Countries, facing this problem. In Pacific Island Countries only, there are 6.7 million cases of acute diarrhea every year. Providing of filtered drinking water in bottles is the selected way to manage the resource. Franchised activities to build up smallscale water supplier on the islands: 1. Aquifer analysis, socio-economic assessment, 2. Training& awareness, water reducing measures,ecological waste water management 3. Participatory planning, build and operate a H2O module, supply of bottled, safe drinking water. Training system is availabel at Mantanani island MY. Start up finance , incubator investment needed.
Country Of origin Malaysia
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager