Mali based Venture

Deals D000461
Description This climate change mitigation and adaptation project involves farming management practices leading to sustainable intensification: yields are increased while diversification and off-farming activities lead to economic growth. The project will benefit the rural population of Mali, where desertification results in degradation of soil properties and ecosystems, negatively affecting economic and food security. It consists in the construction of small-scale, efficient, and low-cost composting stations to treat bio-waste that is normally left to decompose without control or recovery. The compost will be used to restore the fertility and moisture of arable land, increase food production, and reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers, while improving the sanitary conditions of the population. On average, five new jobs will be created per village. The project’s income will be the proceeds of the compost sale and carbon credits may be earned from methane emissions reduction.
Country Of origin Mali
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type