Netherlands based Venture

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Description There are 5 million auto rickshaw drivers in India. About 20 million lives are dependent on these drivers’ income, which is a paltry 3 dollars per driver per day. The poor driver has no access to banks, no savings, and no social security. He does not even own his auto rickshaw in his lifetime and is in a vicious cycle of exploitation. He makes matters worse for himself by venting his frustration on the commuter and he is perceived as a menace. On top of that, can one imagine the amount of noise and air pollution created by 2 stroke auto rickshaws! We do understand that the auto-rickshaw ecosystem is in a mess right now. We, at Three Wheels United, aim to bring about a holistic change in this ecosystem - particularly in the lives of the drivers - with our composite solution. We call our package "MyAuto". We hope to fulfil over a million dreams in the next ten years and touch over a billion lives in the process.
Country Of origin Netherlands
Funding Sector Impact Investment
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