Kenya based Venture

Deals D000422
Description The proposed project on “ Sustainable Agriculture to Improve Food Security and Income for Poor Farmers” is aimed to enhance poor farmers capacity for self sustained development by strengthening the socio-economic position of the 200 rural poor famers in Laikipia County (Kenya), with special emphasis on the position of nomadic families through ensuring food security and through the increase of cash income, which should reach a level adequate for the purchase of basic consumer goods and services (including health care and education,) within ecologically sustainable land use system, which recognizes the complexity and complementarities of different types of land use. The project will help poor farmers generate agricultural innovations, including more dependable and sustainable farming practices, and new crop varieties developed for the specific environmental and social economic conditions under which the poor farm. In this first season Company organization will involve 200 farmers in the County who will donate 50 acres of land to be prepared in common. Land preparation will include ploughing and harrowing, certified maize seeds, fertilizer, and pesticide. Then the farmers will be involved in planting maize seeds, weeding, harvesting and we assist them in marketing their farm produce. The farmers will also be encouraged to apply land use system that involves integration of trees with agricultural crops (agro-forestry) to improve the environment.
Country Of origin Kenya
Funding Sector Philanthropy
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships