Spain based Venture

Deals D000224
Description The network of irrigation channels that are still working in Sierra Nevada was designed ‎and built by Arabs, to assure water for agriculture, pastures and forests in summer time, ‎when there is no rain in Mediterranean mountains. These channels take water from ‎Alpine rivers and transport it to the farmland, villages and mountain pastures. Irrigation ‎channels are therefore a backbone of the Sierra Nevada landscape.‎ Our project will assess the effect of the climate change (under different socioeconomic ‎scenarios) over the current irrigation system of Sierra Nevada. We will model the ‎hydrological, agricultural and ecological impacts of climate change over the irrigation ‎system. This will allow us to gather the knowledge necessary to adapt the system to cope ‎with the impacts of climate change. So, our projects aim to use the irrigation channels as ‎tools to conserve biodiversity and traditional land uses in the next decades.‎ The specific objectives are:‎ • Assess the effects of climate change over the water transport capability of the ‎channels.‎ • Evaluate the impacts of the decrease in water availability over croplands, grasslands ‎and deciduous forests.‎ • Design a plan to adapt the irrigation system to minimize the impacts of climate ‎change over croplands, pastures and deciduous forests in Sierra Nevada.‎ • Implement the previously designed plan in a pilot area: Genil valley in Sierra ‎Nevada. ‎
Country Of origin Spain
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager