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Deals D000229
Description The goal of the proposed project is to develop and promote adaptation strategies to ‎alleviate the negative impacts of increased changes in stressors on water resources for ‎environment and society, i.e., seasonal snow cover and glacier disappearance that causes ‎short term catastrophic flooding in spring-summer and long-term droughts and land ‎degradation in the central Asia oases, in Pamir and Tien Shan. With more information ‎obtained during the project and new development of the proactive adaptation strategies ‎we could go a long way towards ameliorating future stresses. For example, water demand ‎management, floodplain connectivity, ‘super qanats’, and capture and underground ‎storage of meltwater could all be used as tools to help sustainably maintain the oases ‎local vegetative cover, and supply agricultural, industrial and human uses.‎ ‎ The proposed project will include both technical and institutional mechanisms for ‎fostering adaptation, in a scenarios and storylines approach. Technical measures will ‎include novel hydrogeological investigation of aquifer storage and recovery, and ‘super ‎qanats’, i.e., large scale realizations of the deep horizontal wells historically used ‎throughout the ancient world to tap mountain aquifers in arid regions. Institutional ‎measures will include investigation of the potential for policy changes to effect ‎distributed and behavioral changes in water use and agriculture.‎
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager