Netherlands based Venture

Deals D000231
Description The aim of the project is to demonstrate a demand-led, flexible-outcome approach to irrigation ‎development (and improvement) by means of an innovative institutional model. The successful ‎implementation of the pilot project will show that sustainable and pro-poor smallholder irrigation ‎can be developed (and improved) cost-effectively at a large scale. The irrigation development ‎approach piloted in this project steps away from the construction paradigm in irrigation projects, ‎recognizing that although improved water transportation is an important element of irrigation ‎development, it is not necessarily the biggest obstacle to increase smallholder irrigated production. ‎Providing good quality seeds and fertilizers may induce more growth in irrigated agricultural ‎production than lining earthen canals with concrete, and developing contract farming linkages for ‎secure output markets may lead to a higher increase in irrigated area than the construction of ‎permanent diversion weirs. The collaboration between a university, 2 NGOs and an engineering ‎firm reflects a key ingredient of the innovation institutional model: the combination of education, ‎action research and implementation, which is the basis for creating crucial synergies.‎ The specific objectives of the project are: (1) to fine-tune the institutional model to make it possible ‎to implement the demand-led, flexible-outcome approach for irrigation development in the setting ‎of large donor-based projects, (2) to demonstrate the advantages of the consortium partnership ‎through the implementation of the approach to an area of 100 ha, (3) to monitor, evaluate and ‎document the approach as evidence to policy makers and promoters of large-scale improvement of ‎smallholder irrigation, and (4) to generate evidence and know-how on how to incorporate the ‎approach to (large) irrigation projects. A detailed and concrete activity plan is available upon ‎request.‎
Country Of origin Netherlands
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager