United States based Venture

Deals D000437
Description The SmartWoman Project is a community of women sharing and exchanging information. Women with resources support access of other women to mobile education. How it works: Download app and become a member for $5/mo (e.g.), providing a woman in an emerging market free access to content for one year. This can be in the form of an SMS, GPRS, voice, etc. Access rich content and expert advice in areas of Leadership, Health, Parenting, Career, Relationships, Financial, Business, etc (for both parties). Share: Ask Her/Answer Her Members can ask questions of Experts or the Member Community. Profiles of Members and Experts “Follow” or “Like” Profiles of Beneficiary Women and Learning Messages Find out who they are and their needs. Empower: Get Involved through NGO campaigns, donations for a mobile phone ($100), and support of products made by women through a “SmartShopping” Marketplace.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager, Technology, Strategic partnerships