India based Venture

Deals D000220
Description The Himalayas are headwaters of some of the largest trans-boundary basins of planet that ‎sustain one-fourth global population mainly dependent on subsistence agriculture in ‎South and East Asia. Population growth and resultant land use intensification, rapid ‎urbanization, economic globalization and consequent exploitation of natural resources ‎and climate change have disrupted hydrological regime of Himalayan watersheds through ‎reduced groundwater recharge, drying of natural springs and decreased stream discharge. ‎This is likely to increase vulnerability of large population to food, livelihood and health ‎insecurity both in mountains as well as in down-streams. ‎ This Project will build micro level climate change resilience and adaptive capacity in the ‎water sector through community based water management and governance using ‎indigenous knowledge and traditional water management systems. The project will ‎increase availability and equitable access to water both for domestic and agricultural use, ‎and hence: (i) improve food and livelihood security; (ii) alleviate poverty (iii) improve ‎sanitation, hygeine and health conditions benefiting particularly marginalized groups ‎‎(women, children & poor); (iv) check out-migration of entrepreneuring youth-males; (v) ‎decrease womens’ workload; and (vi) build community climate change resillence and ‎adaptive capacity. ‎
Country Of origin India
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager