Malaysia based Venture

Deals D000306
Description The Aquatic Greenhouse is an aquatic-agriculture system, capable to improve food ‎security on disadvantaged tropical islands and coastal areas.Small scale agriculture ‎farmers are in the focus of impact investments, called the 'small scale millions' while ‎recognizing the enormous global production and entrepreneurship potential. It is based ‎on the complementary supply of nutrients from different species of freshwater fish, ‎vegetables, herbs or ornamental plants to each other. Combined seawater/ freshwater ‎systems can produce freshwater species as well as marine fin-fish, seaweed, shrimp or ‎mussels. The modular system targets to develop livelihoods in remote landscapes, ‎particular on small tropical islands. To complete the training and business demonstration ‎& Station, and to establish and commercialize a franchise system for rural small scale ‎entrepreneurs, matching finance is needed.‎
Country Of origin Malaysia
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager