Rwanda based Venture

Deals D000020
Description Rwandan farmer yields for key staple and cash crops like bananas, pineapple, and pyrethrum are a fraction of global averages and even well below those of other African countries like Kenya and South Africa. One of the main reasons is that Rwanda’s plant stock is old (sometimes as old as 30 to 40 years) and often diseased. Additionally, Rwandan farmers need access to extension services to ensure the maximum output from their crops and they need help accessing buyers outside Rwanda. Forestry and Agriculture Investment Management (FAIM), a plant propagation nursery that utilizes all forms of plant propagation including tissue culture, is addressing this problem by providing high quality, disease-free plant material to the local market and educating users on optimal growing practices. FAIM has been on the ground since January 2011 and has recently leased and modernized a government lab to produce plants from tissue culture. Its plants increase yields by as much as 4-6 times.
Country Of origin Rwanda
Funding Sector Impact Investment
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