Nicaragua based Venture

Deals D000455
Description La Esperanza, is a green business venture with two components: organic cacao and ecotourism. The farm of 28,2 hectares is located in the buffer zone of Rio San Juan Biosphere Reserve, an area of high biodiversity with the climatic conditions for the luxury commodities and a good opportunity for run an innovative ecotourism venture. Around 70% of the land is covered by forest and the remaining part is where the cacao crop will be established. Sustainable farming practices and permaculture will be established to promote long term food provision and the protection of environmental services. The farm and ecotourism project will apply social responsibility principles, promoting educational and conservation principles for visitors and neighbour communities. In the long term we want to create our own chocolate brand of artisan, high quality chocolate bars that promote the high quality Cacao from Rio San Juan and place it in the international market.
Country Of origin Nicaragua
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager, Desk due diligence, Strategic partnerships