Vietnam based Venture

Deals D000024
Description JOMA is a joint-venture between a retail coffee shop chain and an NGO partner dedicated to reintegrating victims of trafficking and domestic abuse in South East Asia. The beneficiaries, mostly women, receive psychological support, vocational training and career planning services prior to employment, and are then provided a supportive work environment and a path to economic empowerment. A holding company, based in Singapore, wholly owns the national operating entities in Lao and Vietnam. The business value chain spans bakery production, retail sales in owned cafés, and wholesale to hotels and markets. The Laos entity is already profitable, and the Vietnam entity needs the opening of 2 more coffee shops to achieve profitability. In addition to hiring NGO beneficiaries as part of its staff, the company dedicates 5% of its annual profit to community organizations in its areas of operation.
Country Of origin Vietnam
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type