United States based Venture

Deals D000462
Description In 1989 Dr. John Todd, an internationally recognized inventor and a pioneer in the design and construction of ecological wastewater treatment systems, established Company [JTED], a design-build firm which offers cost-effective, sustainable, ecological solutions for wastewater treatment, water pollution and bioremediation of bodies of water. JTED has constructed dozens of Eco-Machine wastewater treatment systems based on Dr. Todd’s visionary ecological philosophy and award winning practical designs in eleven countries on five continents around the world. Today, headed by Jonathan Todd, JTED commercializes Dr. Todd’s discoveries with an approach that is well suited for reuse applications in every climate. Many of our installed systems are zero discharge systems; all the treated water is reused on site. Our services include comprehensive construction design, consulting, and facility operations services to public and private clients throughout the world. We provide clients with cost-effective, aesthetic, ecologically designed solutions to wastewater and storm water treatment, aquatic environment management, and bio-solids conversion. Company is a pioneer in the use of natural systems for the removal of chemicals, petroleum hydrocarbons, endocrine disruptors, and other detrimental water pollutants. We envision the remediation of impaired natural water bodies and soils as a major part of our future work.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Eco Green
Colloboration Type On ground management, Strategic partnerships