Switzerland based Venture

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Description Hunger, poverty and climate change are some of the largest issues impacting the world today. Trees can have a significant impact on all of these issues. Providing better quality trees increases yield on agriculture and timber projects and accelerates returns on environmental restoration projects. Tree Global is the first international tree nursery service. Our business is to grow High Performance Trees for large scale international projects focused on environmental restoration, agriculture, timber and sustainable biomass / biofuel production. Our offering has two components: 1. High Performance Trees – trees grown using a proprietary growing system to enable faster growth rates, higher survival rates and greater productivity; 2. Service - establish world-class nurseries on site to service large-scale projects. By consolidating knowledge and techniques of how to grow really strong early-stage trees and by creating a platform to deliver trees to large scale projects, Tree Global is able to produce much better trees on a cost effective scale. This generates a significant amount of value for our public and private sector customers.
Country Of origin Switzerland
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships