India based Venture

Deals D000463
Description Goodwill social work centre,an Indian NGO based at Madurai,India proposes to launch ‘Life skills-based hygiene education through capacity building, advocacy, media interventions, resource sharing and information networking initiative for school children in rural and urbna areas in and around Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.The project will focus on empowering children with information dissemination through the use of traditional and modern media of communitations. The curriculum will include Children rights with a focus on envrionmental health rights, water, sanitation and waste, personal and food hygiene,water and sanitation related diseases that have an impact on health and facilities for water,sanitation and hygiene within schools,households and community. The objectives of the project are 1. To impart Life skills-based hygiene education to school children in low and moderate income families who are in the age group of 6-9 and 10-17. 2. To provide participatory learning experiences to the children that will aim to develop the knowledge, attitudes and especially skills needed to take positive actions to create or maintain hygienic conditions through artwork and media interventions. 3.Prepare children to share environment related health information with others on a child- to-child and child-to-community levels. The duration of the project is 36 months. It is estimated that the project will cover 30000 school children who are in the age group of 6-17 within a span of three years. The expected outcomes will include 1.Development of knowledge most relevant to the elements of life skills-based hygiene education being addressed 2. Development of specific psychosocial (or life) skills – such as assertion, negotiation, empathy building – most relevant to the local challenges to health, hygiene, and well-being 3.Development of positive attitudes and motivation to use the skills and knowledge to promote health and hygiene 4. Development of necessary hands-on skills such as proper hand washing and use of latrines, as well as skills in proper operation and maintenance of facilities and, where relevant, building skills for construction of facilities 5. Opportunities to model and practise the knowledge, attitudes and skills within the school context and local environment.
Country Of origin India
Funding Sector Philanthropy
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