Switzerland based Venture

Deals D000248
Description GO: To improve the living conditions of 1,407 students/teachers in two schools of Burundi's Bubanza Provice, by strengthening their capacity to adapt to climate change and ‎their independent access to resources.‎ SO: 1) Improve access to drinking water and sanitation in the schools through the ‎construction of rainwater harvesting systems and adequate toilets. 2) Reforest the area ‎surrounding the schools and create vegetable gardens to improve child nutrition and ‎reduce erosion. 3) Educate the younger generations on the management/protection of ‎natural resources, hygiene, peace and tolerance; train the PACT Committees to maintain ‎the new facilities and treat the water.‎ Activities: 1) Construct two rainwater harvesting systems (incl. two 50m3 and three 40m3 ‎tanks); 2) Construct 40 toilets and 12 urinals; 3) Plant 1,400 trees; 4) Create two vegetable ‎gardens; 5) Create and train two PACT (Parents–Authorities–Children–Teachers) ‎Committees to treat the water and maintain the new facilities; and 6) Give students and ‎teachers lessons on health & hygiene, environmental protection, and peace & tolerance.‎ Duration: 18 months followed by 3 years of monitoring.‎
Country Of origin Switzerland
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Lead investor / manager