United States based Venture

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Description Company (CEI) aims to be the pre-eminent global commercial enterprise for clean transportation solutions that benefit the base of the pyramid in emerging markets and create shareholder value. We enter the market in Metro Manila, fall 2012, with our first products: 'upgrade retrofit kits' for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines that deliver dramatic operational savings and pollution reduction for commercial motorcycle taxis and delivery fleets. The kits change engine operation in two ways: converting gasoline engines to a gaseous fuel (LPG or CNG) and transforming a carbureted engine to fuel injection, with transfer port injection technology working on our proprietary engine control unit. The kit reduces tailpipe emissions by up to 80%, meeting existing emissions standards. It halves fuel cost and adds immediately to driver income.
Country Of origin United States
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type On ground management, Strategic partnerships