Liberia based Venture

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Description After fourteen years of civil war, Liberia's rubber small and medium rubber plantations are in depserate need rehabilitation and rejuvenation. Company ’ immediate development goal is to deploy a farm development product for small and medium sized plantation owners, in partnership with development finance institutions, bundling technical assistance with provision of long-term capital to redevelop several of the 200 farms which have already applied to Company for assistance. The company provides a full range of fee-based farm development and management services through service contracts with concessions and lead firms in the sector, including: • GIS surveying & mapping • Turnkey clearing & planting services • New plantation development advisory services • Land title validation & due diligence • Nursery development & supply of improved seedlings • Baseline land surveys & crop production forecasting • Smallholder farm management training & advisory services Through our recent work with a strategic partner in the biomass industry, we provided services valued at >$1m/year, sourcing rubberwood from smallholder farms, and providing a full suite of services to contract with and rejuvenate these farms.
Country Of origin Liberia
Funding Sector Impact Investment
Colloboration Type Strategic partnerships