About Us / FAQ

About Us

Maximpact is a free market place for projects and ventures to connect with intermediaries and funders who want to assist in their evolution.

It is a secure global listing service that facilitates the sharing of circular, impact & sustainability investment deals online for free.

We are here to help projects of all types and sizes become investor ready and connect with others to find what they need and help them succeed.

Why Maximpact

The Maximpact platform forms an important part of our ecosystem consisting of like minded people who are all interested in creating good impact and a more sustainability future.

Maximpact bridges the gap connecting circular, impact and sustainability with philanthropy, CSR, eco and green with traditional funders to develop and promote new and existing hybrids investment models.

Creating efficiencies, improving transparency, encouraging collaboration, co-investment and replication, our combined positive impact will create a more sustainable future for us all.


There are multiple benefits. They will be immediately experienced by the listed impact investing funds- either seeking co-investment possibilities or qualified impact deal flow and new opportunities. Impact deals can only be listed on the global collaboration portal by the funds, not by individual entrepreneurs. Funds select and vet deals from the Financial Intermediaries listing board portal that have already been due diligenced. Financial Intermediaries can work together and conduct due diligence deals from the Entrepreneur portal. Each portal has it’s own function and target/user audience.